Easier Labour and Birth

MakeBirthEasierCampaignUK – Move Mummy to Help Baby

‘Please don’t forget maternal position, the obstetric bed was probably the worst invention in the history of childbirth, turning women into passive patients who expected that there was nothing they could do to reduce their pain. MJ’ Campaign Update If you haven’t read my first blog post yet – the story behind the Campaign –… Continue reading MakeBirthEasierCampaignUK – Move Mummy to Help Baby

Fetal Positioning Techniques

MakeBirthEasierCampaignUK – Research

‘Women in this country would have a better chance of an easier, uncomplicated, intervention free birth if midwives and other health care providers had training in fetal positioning techniques. To reach that goal, we need evidence.’ Campaign Update The MakeBirthEasierCampaignUK was launched a week ago and I’m pleased to say it has generated a fair… Continue reading MakeBirthEasierCampaignUK – Research

Fetal Positioning Techniques

MakeBirthEasier CampaignUK

‘I turned my back-to-back baby and regulated my own contractions to avoid induction and caesarean section – most British midwives don’t know how to do what I did – #MakeBirthEasierCampaignUK aims to change that.’ Mum-To-Be Voyage of Medical Discovery As an expectant first time mum I, like many other first-time mums-to-be, spent a lot of time doing… Continue reading MakeBirthEasier CampaignUK