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Hello, my name is Alix.

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Some people believe there’s not much you can really ‘do’ to make birth easier, shorter or safer.

I am not one of those people anymore.

Since becoming pregnant myself I set off on a mission to find a real and practical way to increase my chances of a safer, smoother, intervention free birth.

So began my epic research journey into the world of easier birthing, and I have found not only one, but many very helpful techniques which really do (no matter how strange or basic some of them may sound) make birth easier – both mentally and physically.

Fetal positioning techniques and other discoveries helped me turn two potentially long and difficult labours into straightforward, smooth, intervention free births.  I have since helped many others have shorter, easier births using these techniques.

For those requiring caesarean section I have useful tips on how you can prepare for this type of birth with a view to improving your health, the health of your baby and with added bonus of a more personal and gentle birth experience.

I am the Campaign Founder of #MakeBirthEasierCampaignUK which is calling for clinical research into fetal positioning techniques.  The goal of #MakeBirthEasierCampaignUK is, one day, to have all midwives trained in fetal positioning techniques as standard and be using them in routine maternity care, including antenatally.
Most midwives don’t know about fetal positioning techniques – YET. Many midwives who have discovered the techniques, are using them unofficially with great results.

I hope Make Birth Easiermakebirtheasier logo1 colour  helps you in some way, big or small. If it does, I would love to hear from you so please do get in touch!



With warmest wishes,

Alix Fernando

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