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Zoe’s Birth Story by Amanda in Macau SAR, August 2019

“When I found out I was pregnant for the first time I was over the moon with excitement, but that slowly evolved into anxiety and confusion as there was so much information out there on what to do, how to prepare, and best practices for ensuring a natural birth.  Yet living in Macau and China, they always push for C-sections. Also, being an expat with no close family or friends to help was really scary, but Alix was so sweet and supportive and offered a lot of insight into her own experiences, as well as proven research that helped cut through the noise. It solidified my decision to go against Doctors recommendation for an (unnecessary) c-section and gave me my power to take control of my birth experience. Her course gave me the confidence to know my body was fully capable of handling the birth, and what to expect, while also laying out some amazing exercises that, without a doubt, helped speed up and optimize my labor and delivery experience.  My partner and I practiced these in the weeks leading up to the due date, and also once I had officially gone into labor.  Four hours later, our daughter was born with no need for drugs (only gas) and no episiotomy, due to her ideal positioning.  I highly recommend taking Alix’s Make Birth Easier course, whether it’s your first or fifth child.  Her calm presence, support and insight into the miracle of birth, and how to best prepare are truly priceless. This course is the best gift to give yourself and your baby.”


Jemima’s Birth Story by Pippa in Victoria, Australia. Dec 2016

“Induction was necessary due to hypertension and scheduled at 37 weeks.

My husband and I had practiced the Fetal Navigation Techniques ‘Rebozo Manteada’ and ‘Side Lying Release’ a couple of times during pregnancy (I had to avoid any inversions due to my high blood pressure). We used these two techniques the day before my induction as bub had been in and out of a transverse position. When I was examined after our exercises, bub’s head was down!

The next morning on induction day, cheeky baby had again moved to a transverse position which signalled a c-section. I knew she had been moving around a lot, so I asked the doctors if it was safe to hold off for a while. They were happy to wait. After a while, a scan showed bub head down, but with her hand holding the cord over my cervix. The staff had me sign the forms for a c-section and explained that if she didn’t move, this would be the only safe option for delivery. I again asked them if it was safe to wait while I tried some position changes. I moved onto my side. I felt bub move, and when they scanned again 20 minutes later, her head was down and the hand and cord was clear! They quickly commenced induction by breaking my waters, and simultaneously engaged the head by pushing down on my stomach. The drip was then started to get contractions going. I was holding my baby one and a half hours later!

Had I not insisted that I wanted to wait, I firmly believe I would have had a cesarean birth as my Obstetrician was so keen to get baby out and induction could not have been started with the cord in the way. Even though my blood pressure was high, the baby and I were in no imminent danger and thankfully the docs agreed it was safe to wait.

My first two babies were also induced early due to hypertension but labour was long and difficult ending in epidural and assisted birth. Recovery wasn’t great. This time, having used these techniques, labour was so fast and without epidural/assisted delivery – my recovery was so much easier. It was amazing to be feeling relatively well after giving birth! I had a shower and was walking around etc. Never had that before!

The techniques that Alix guided us through, not only educated me on many aspects of birthing, but gave me the confidence to discuss what I wanted with medical staff. I also truly believed that if bub was in the wrong position, that I could successfully move her using these techniques. I have previously always followed exactly what doctors and midwives have told me to do because they are the professionals right? True, but there are other options available (if mum and baby are not in imminent danger) that they may not necessarily be familiar with that can give you the birth you want with little or no intervention. I discussed this with them and the doctors were happy to let me try the techniques I had learnt and were surprised by the results.

I just want to say how delighted I am to have met Alix. She is warm, friendly, professional, and highly passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience with other women in order for them to achieve a safer and easier birth. Without her, I believe the birth of my third child would have been very different. I only wish I had met her before my first!”


Alfie’s Birth Story by Amy in Kent, UK. March 2017

“So I wrote on Home Birth Chat Group UK on Saturday that I was feeling a bit fed up as I was 41+2 and as usual received lots of positive advice! I received a link on my post to the Make Birth Easier blog about baby positioning which I think was a great read – wonderful.  I had always felt baby wasn’t where it was supposed to be – despite everyone telling me it doesn’t matter with 2nd babies and they will move /engage in labour . I got my hubby to do the first three exercises with me on Sunday night and convinced this is what started things off for me. Baby was very wriggly following the exercises and immediately my bump looked different so it obviously helped!

I contacted Alix on Monday – just to say thank you for sending me the link, and to ask a couple of questions.

Baby had been head down for ages but never engaged.  The day after using the techniques I felt that the baby was really low and like it was about to fall out so I wondered if it was now engaged.

I was planning to see my midwife on Tuesday and to go through these movements with her so she could support me through labour with them. I had also saved the links to my home screens on phone and iPad so I had all the techniques to hand.

After chatting with Alix on Monday I felt like I had a bit of confidence back. I went for a really long walk mostly uphill that morning too. Getting some aches so I decided to keep upright and in good positions to hopefully get things going (apart from a quiet nap on the sofa in the sunshine!).

Around 4.30pm I thought I was going to wet myself so went to loo only to find I was losing a bit of my plug – almost right away started to get some mild period pains. By 5pm waves were 2/3mins apart and lasting 45 secs. Made my son’s dinner, tidied up and called the midwives but said I didn’t need anyone just yet. By 6pm I was struggling to talk through waves and stood in front of my affirmations wall rocking – whilst my gorgeous boy sat patiently watching Paw Patrol.

Parents and hubby arrived shortly after that. They set up the pool and started filling, and sorted my son – leaving me to it. Was a bit difficult to relax with everyone there – my mum pointed out I may want to phone and ask for a midwife as I was getting closer together already. So glad she did!

My wonderful midwife arrived around 7.20pm. As soon as she popped doppler on she was like ‘oh wow baby is really, really low ‘ I don’t think we need to examine you.’

I asked for gas and air but she had been informed to come straight to me.  The pool still wasn’t ready so I was feeling a bit out of control at this stage. Hubby and midwife kept talking me through my hypnobirthing and getting me to sway with them. I started to get a real primal need to groan and grunt around 8pm and I remember dropping to my knee. The midwife quickly put down our shower curtain and pads and almost straight away I lost some waters -2nd midwife turned up just after 8pm – I begged for gas and air but again she had been told to come straight to me as I was progressing quickly. Still on all fours I started pushing – a few pushes later his head was out and he was already trying to talk – didn’t get another wave for about 4 mins – meanwhile midwife was very firmly telling me to open my knees really wide and sit up a bit. When I did the last push I felt her hook her finger in and twist him- turns out she was worried his shoulders were going to get stuck as he was so broad.

All was well though and she passed him through my legs to me – screaming his little head off.

Alfie Thomas born 8.28pm – 9lb8oz March 2017.

Placenta delivered quickly and was huge and still in great condition and he fed straight away – he was very hungry.

I had a 2nd degree tear from his shoulders which my midwives stitched while I was on the sofa. By 11pm we were all snugged up on the sofa and the midwives were saying goodbye!

Still can’t believe how quick he came – only 3.30hrs – I thought my first one was quick at 7 hrs . Would have been lovely to have had time to get in pool or to have gas but never mind – I survived lol!

Little man is doing great feeding lots and his brother his in love with his baby bro x

Thanks for all your help Alix.

I didn’t have time to use any more of the techniques as it all went so quickly. I used the first 3 exercises as mentioned on Sunday night!

I have passed on the Make Birth Easier blog and links to several people including my hypnotherapist who was excited to hear about how I had used them. Thank you again x”


Birth Story of Georgie’s Baby Boy, UK.  May 2017

“We tried all the techniques in the Guide to Make Birth Easier that can be done during pregnancy, although only twice, as he was born on Tuesday afternoon 🙂

It was a really fast birth again, 1h45 from first ‘I wonder if this is a contraction’ to born, but this time it was so much less painful overall. I had one awful contraction, but I was able to maintain being on one knee and one leg bent for the time in the pool. I suspect because it was very hot so my muscles were really relaxed and stopped my usual cramp. That plus the couple of massages and the visits to an Osteopath I’ve had too 🙂

He just came out on his own – very fast body after the head came out!

So in the end a lot of factors came together and it was all wonderful 😀 The Side Lying Release really felt good to stretch my legs out.

Thank you very much for the long email and the birth plans you sent to me – I’ve recommended your site so many times on Facebook!”

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